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What are the school hours?
Our school opens at 8:05 am each morning.  For their safety and to ensure that they are properly supervised, students
are NOT to be dropped off at school before 8:05 am unless they are enrolled in the YMCA Before/After school program.

What time is my child considered tardy?
Students arriving at school AFTER 8:25 am are considered tardy.  Parents must come into the office to sign in tardy students. 

What time is dismissal?
 Students  are dismissed at 3:10pm.  Any student leaving earlier than 3:10 will count as an early checkout.  Any student not present for at least half of the school day will be counted as absent. 

What time do buses & car riders leave?
Buses leave the school at 3:20 pm and all car riders are to be off campus by 3:25 pm.  Any students at school after 3:25 pm needs to be enrolled in the YMCA Before/After School program.

How can I find out if my child's school is closed due to inclement weather?
In most cases, the superintendant/designee will announce by 7:00 am if schools will be closed for the day due to inclement weather.  Also, check you local radio/TV stations.  Text alerts will also notify families who have information on file and community members can sign up for community notifications through the school division website at

What time does my child have lunch?
Each class eats lunch at different times.  Please check with your child's teacher or contact the office for specific times.

Can I come to school to eat lunch with my child?
Yes, we encourage you to come eat with your child.  You are asked to sign in with the office before your child's lunch time.  PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE BEFORE eating with your child on early dismissal days.  Our school has a modified lunch schedule on those days.  We don't want you to miss or come at the wrong times. ** During COVID closure we are not allowing any visitors (including parents) into the building. **

Can I bring my child food from a restaurant when I eat lunch/breakfast with them?
No, foods that compete with cafeteria business are NOT ALLOWED in the cafeteria during business hours. This refers to food from McDonald's, Bojangles, Subway, Dairy Queen, etc.  We are a self-supporting business and appreciate every visitor's support by abiding by this rule.

What do I need to bring to register my child for school?
You will need to bring a copy of their birth certificate, two proofs of residency(must reflect the 911 physical address) NO POST OFFICE BOX OR RURAL ROUTE NUMBERS, please.

Does your school serve breakfast?
Yes, breakfast starts at 8:05 am each morning.  A cold breakfast is still served even on delay days.

What time does school start if we are on a 1 or 2 hour delay?
School begins at 9:25 am on a 1 hour delay
School begins at 10:25 am if there is a 2 hour delay.

Do I need to check in every time I visit the school?
Yes, our school security and safety procedures REQUIRE all parents and visitors to sign in at the office and get a Visitors Pass before entering the instructional hall at any time. Be prepared show show a photo ID/Driver's License to sign into the school.  **During COVID, no visitors are allowed past the main entrance lobby area. **

Where do car riders report in the morning?
The side parking lot should be entered and exited according to the arrows.  To avoid accidents, please do not pass or back up.  For the safety of our children, we are asking that all passengers exit and enter on the right side of the vehicle.  This procedure prevents children from walking between vehicles at all times.  

Where do car riders report in the afternoon?
The side parking lot should be entered and exited according to the arrows.  Students are brought to the cafeteria at 3:10 pm. Please DO NOT enter the lobby or hallway and take child(ren) from the line as school personnel must deliver the students to the departure area.  Please follow school personnel's signals during loading procedure.

How can I find out about bus routes?
Please find the following link for Bus Routes on the Transportation Website.  If you require additional assistance, you may call the Transportation Department at 540-483-5541.

When is a good time to talk with my child's teacher?
Teachers can receive calls before 8:05 am and after dismissal at 3:20 pm.  Because we value our strong school/parent partnership, parents and/or teachers may request a conference at anytime.  Conferences can be held during teacher planning time, before and after school hours.  

Why do I have to sign in and out each time I visit the school?
We need to account for every person in the building and for the safety of our faculty and students.  If you are checking out a student you are required to have a photo ID or Driver's License. 

How long do I need to wait before sending my child back to school when they have a fever?
If your child has taken fever reducing medicines, he/she may NOT return to school unless they have been fever free for 24 hours.  If students come to school with a fever, this behavior puts others at risk of catching the virus.  If your child is running a fever, we will contact you to arrange to pick him/her up, as no child will ride the bus with a fever.  If students are sent home with a fever, they may return to school after they have been fever free for 24 hours WITHOUT medicine.


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